Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday Blues..

Its 12.26 pm. to be precise and am supposed to be working.. at 'Work' where else. But what the hell, there is nothing to do... about work that is.

A discussion with a colleague is making me think back, is this really the kinda place I'd want to be associated with? I mean, I know there is politics n all everywhere and people who are served on a golden platter once can just be treated as a dirt all of a sudden. The experienced say, Times are just bad and its nothing personal. You bet it is. When you give it all and work your butt out just to see another worthless piece of **** being exalted.

If this is the case I should be thankful that I might be asked to retire from this space. But why the heck am I hanging on then? I mean there is so much to do and better means of keeping the pockets full. Or may be enhancement of the deep embedded skills just to get into a more peaceful environment. But does there really exist one?

I guess, Ive got the Saturday blues. Nothing better to do at this point of time. I should rather be happy in this moment right now than think about whats to come. After all, everyone's gotta cross n whether you like it or not its gotta be borne. Its the way you do it that should matter the most.

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