Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday Blues..

Its 12.26 pm. to be precise and am supposed to be working.. at 'Work' where else. But what the hell, there is nothing to do... about work that is.

A discussion with a colleague is making me think back, is this really the kinda place I'd want to be associated with? I mean, I know there is politics n all everywhere and people who are served on a golden platter once can just be treated as a dirt all of a sudden. The experienced say, Times are just bad and its nothing personal. You bet it is. When you give it all and work your butt out just to see another worthless piece of **** being exalted.

If this is the case I should be thankful that I might be asked to retire from this space. But why the heck am I hanging on then? I mean there is so much to do and better means of keeping the pockets full. Or may be enhancement of the deep embedded skills just to get into a more peaceful environment. But does there really exist one?

I guess, Ive got the Saturday blues. Nothing better to do at this point of time. I should rather be happy in this moment right now than think about whats to come. After all, everyone's gotta cross n whether you like it or not its gotta be borne. Its the way you do it that should matter the most.

I Said..

Whats with people we call our pals
Making arbit statements while we chat
Got me thinking, whats with this guy
So judgmental all the time?
I mean a casual discussion about pals I know
N someone I used to know
N his wife who so lost her job
N his brother, well lets just keep it at that
N some thing about religion, something that we both think so different
N then the judgment...What the hell...
Ive been thinking .. Wait a minute..
O my Gosh.. It was something I said....

Friday, April 24, 2009

A day..

I've written a lot for today
I've written pretty well for beginners, I'll say.
I need to call it quits for now
For Id definitely need to come back somehow
So here's to the day I've so experienced
And expressed evry bit I've felt
For tomorrow will be another day
So now I am calling it a day.

On my own.

I think I've got a hang of this
I think I am going to enjoy every bit of this
I think its going to help me vent, all the things I've ever felt.

I think I see the good in this
I think I know why I am doing this
I think I am soon going to learn to be the best friend of my own.

I think with this the vices die
I think in the future I would not rely
I think I would not always need and miss the absence of a ear.


The One I see and the One I hear
Is the One I think Id want to be near?
For times gone by and people I’ve met
But no one seems to match up.. U bet
And I don't know why I feel this way
And don't know how to make it go away
For this feelings crazy And this feelings still there
O God pls. help me am going INSANE.


A pal of mine says he feels, A way I could never possibly feel
And wants a gift from me so dear, a gift that I could never give..EVER.

So why is life so ironic that what you want and want to give TO
Seems so distant from what you think

And the one you wouldn't want to be 'The One'
Seeks the total opposite.

Why Worry Now..

Ive decided to blog and what a way to start
Expressing my grief for the ones who've lost their jobs
Am dreading the day, no matter how strong I am I say
For it could happen to me too, soon
And I just want this feeling to pass away.

Pass away, am sure it will.
And things will move on like it precisely should.
Its like Dire Straits.. 'There will be sunshine after rain
And there will be laughter after pain.
These things have always been the same
So why do I worry now..